So much to say about 2020

With 2020 just days away from an end, there is so much to say about it. It was a challenge that no one saw coming. In real estate, this was a historic year of growth, rising prices and the lowest inventory maybe ever seen in the Austin market. Homes have “flown off the shelves” within days and at record prices double of that less than a decade ago. It is unclear if this growth is sustainable; while many say “definitely not”, those same people couldn’t have anticipated the level to which the prices have risen to this point. Austin is still a desirable location and the suburbs surrounding it are the most reasonable for the families of those moving here with tech jobs and major corporations in downtown. It seems that a “price correction” is the most likely, with a minor dip but definitely no plunge in sight. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the ever changing market and how it is a monster in and of itself.

For me, I am just so thankful. Thankful for my new brokerage, thankful for my family’s health and thankful that the world got to take a pause that I believe was much needed. It’s so easy to get caught up in our crazy schedules and there was a certain relief when the world was forced to slow down. Going forward, I look forward to resuming whatever the new “normal” allows us. I look forward to getting back in large groups and hosting dinner parties. I look forward to seeing what comes both personally and professionally in 2021. It’s going to be a year… a big year and although there is a lot of uncertainty still, it will be what we make of it. Wishing all my clients, friends and family a great last couple days of 2020 and hoping the new year brings relief and reflection going forward!

First things first…

After working in real estate for a year and doing marketing for multiple REALTORs, it was time to create my own website. I’m here to connect with current, past and future clients on a regular basis! I hope any info I put out can help someone in their real estate journey!

Here are some basics about me:

I am a local Leander resident, and moved here two years ago with my family from Central California. I have two kids – Shaye and Hunter and my husband is Cole. Cole works for Scott Felder Homes, so I guess this family is kind of real estate centric.

How I got into real estate – I have worked in sales my entire career but hadn’t found anything I was passionate about, until I found real estate. Anytime I would talk about RE with family and friends, I could feel that passion boiling inside of me, and apparently it was evident to others as well because “why don’t you get into real estate?” was a weekly question.

Why do I love real estate? It’s more than just a house or a property for me. It’s a place you create memories. It’s where you share time with loved ones. It’s where you will go when you need your safe space. I want everyone to have that. And I want to be a part of their journey to get there.

I can’t wait to get to know you and your hopes for the future! Let’s discuss how I can help you find your forever home, or even just a place to build your memories for the time being!